About our company

Our company is established in 1991 and specializing in production and installation of furniture of home, restaurants, garden, office etc.

We combine a synergy of 28 years experience within the industry giving us an unrivalled reputation of being able to offer You variety of solutions.

We are producing classic and contemporary furniture that for sure will satisfy our client’s needs.

We take care of every detail during the process of creation and production of wooden furniture to give You the perfect combination of highest quality and reasonable prices.

We use only local best quality wood ( oak, ash, pine, beech, cherry, walnut) to manufacture comfortable and stylish furniture.

Nowadays we are supplying furniture to EU countries including Germany, Denmark, Poland etc.

Our reasonable prices and excellent services are exactly what distinguishes us from other manufacturers.

We offer You a fine selection of such storage units with varying sizes and finishes to match your table set or complement it.

We use the most modern finishing techniques, including organic oil based on natural ingredients.

We also provide the possibility to produce wooden tables and chairs on the individual order of clients.

We are eager to carry out your individual order and ready to talk about details.